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We Learn - eventually

I am totally in love with my newest song, We Learn! In a world where we are so divided, it is so important for us to come together and recognize how we are hurting each other, and grow from the pain. Currently I am at a place where I am understanding more about the duality of light and dark in everything. This concept has taken me years of awareness through my interactions with people to begin to understand. What I have concluded thus far is that 99.9% of people have good intensions. It is our imaginations of what people say that can lead us astray. Not letting our thoughts wander by staying present with ourselves and showing that to others is the constant challenge, and in my experience the greatest healer. If we can stay in this present moment, we will experience this wonderful thing called being. After all, we are human beings! Eventually, that moment turns into moments, to minutes, and so on...There is nothing more to it. All we have is now, and man, it feels so groovy, and fantastic, and peaceful! I hope you enjoy this video. It's my dark, and my light wrapped into one beautiful song!

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